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Take Back Your Health is a celebration of the body, and our planet's natural ability to heal.

Come join a remarkable group of nutritionists, healers, integrative doctors, chefs, farmers, yogis

and fitness trainers for a day of health, empowerment, and inspiration!

Spend your time at Take Back Your Health enjoying in-depth seminars, interactive exhibits,

hands-on workshops, yoga, local food & organic farm stands, author book signings, and incredible prizes.  

Take Back Your Health is truly a participatory gathering; a place to learn, a place to practice,

a place to grow and feel a part of a purposeful community.

Let's Do What's Right For Our Bodies, And For The Planet!

Interactive Exhibits!

Delicious Food Vendors

Yoga and Meditation

Life-Saving Health Hacks

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World Class Teachers

Robin Shirley

Founder, Take Back Your Health

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Expert in Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Recovery, Reiki Master Practitioner, Founder of Take Back Your Health Int'l.

Martha Stockhausen

Wellness Educator

Martha Stockhausen, MEd., is the co-Director for Take Back Your Health Charlottesville, a Young Living Silver Leader, and Wellness Educator.

Susan Blasko, NTP, is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Polyface Farms Commercial Rep for DC and Northern VA, Reiki II Practitioner, Farmer, and Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter Co-leader. Susan studied nutritional therapy with the Nutritional Therapy Association. She is a three time survivor of cancer, and an expert in using nourishing, traditional diets for healing chronic disease.

Susan Blasko

Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Heather Wetzel, Med, RH, MSAP weaves over a decade of experience as a clinical herbalist together with the cutting-edge bioenergetic technology of the Qest4 system. She offers clients safe, natural, and holistic health care for an integrated mind, body, and spirit! Her practice is located at The Elderberry Community Herbs and Healing where she is the apothecary manager. Herbal education continues to be a passion as well and she serves on the faculty of Sacred Plant Traditions School of Herbal Studies in Charlottesville, VA.

Heather Wetzel

Certified Clinical Herbalist

Erin Clabough, PhD, teaches biology and neuroscience at Hampden‑Sydney College and conducts research in developmental brain function. She is the author of Second Nature: How Parents Can Use Neuroscience to Help Kids Develop Empathy, Creativity, and Self-Control

Dr. erin clabough

Professor of Biology and Neuroscience

Robin Truxel is the Founder of tru PILATES and Certified PHI Pilates instructor with a background in Physical Therapy. Robin's journey with Pilates began as a way to rehabilitate a back and hip injury while training for road marathons. Robin has successfully completed 13 marathons and improved her scoliosis with help from Pilates and Stretch Therapy techniques.

She is passionate about helping pregnant women and new mamas as well as those with complicated injuries.

robin truxel

Certified PHI Pilates Instructor

Hélène V. Ramos, MA, Dipl PW, CMS-CHt, FIBH, RMT, is a Practitioner of Processwork and Conflict Facilitation, Consciousness Researcher, Hypnotherapist and  Reiki Practitioner and Instructor.

Hélène Ramos

Processworker and Consciousness Facilitator

Jessica Eure is Director of Neurotherapy and co-founder of the Virginia Center for Neurofeedback, Attachment & Trauma. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) specializing in the treatment of developmental trauma, mood disorders, PTSD and ADD using neurofeedback and psychotherapy. She co-founded the Center with Robin Bernhard, LCSW, MEd, after attending the EEG biofeedback comprehensive training offered by EEG Spectrum International, Inc. in July 2004. Jessica is an approved neurofeedback mentor through the Biofeedback Certification International Alliance for clinicians seeking national board certification in neurofeedback (BCN).

jessica eure

Licensed Professional Counselor 

& Neurofeedback Mentor

Christopher Buonocore, B.S., BBEC, EMRS, is certified as a Building Biology Environmental Consultant with the advanced Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist designation. Chris’ passion is to uncover and reduce indoor exposures to create a “Healthy Home” or workspace. A particular interest is placed in creating safe living spaces for those suffering with Electro-Hypersensitivity (EHS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Lyme Disease, Mold toxin exposures and injured veterans.

Christopher Buonocore

Indoor Environmental Consultant

Dr. J. Alex Bronson, DMB, is a Graduate of Midwestern University Arizona College of Dental Medicine, Co-author of 2 published articles and a clinical faculty member at the ALF Educational Institute. His interests lie in the “Whole Body Approach to Dentistry,” Cosmetic Dentistry, Dental Implants, TMD, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, and Transformational Orthodontics.

Dr. alex bronson

Wholistic Dentist

​Dr. Rebecca Wilder is a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in Hayward, California. As a former student athlete, Dr. Wilder attributes her ability to participate at a competitive level to her continual chiropractic care, and feels this has developed a large part of her why she practices Chiropractic. She feels, "nobody at any age should be popping anti-inflammatories and pain killers the way I did in high school." 

Dr. Wilder also became a parent while obtaining her Doctorate of Chiropractic. The arrival of her twin sons fueled her passion for caring for pregnant women, babies and all kids. Dr. Wilder is a member of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Dr. Rebecca Wilder



Beautycounter: creates safer and effective skin care and cosmetics for women and families. We meticulously screen our ingredients for safety, so your beauty rituals come with peace of mind. Discover, shop, sell and share our mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. 

Bronson Family Dentistry: For over 30 years, Bronson Family Dentistry has been dedicated to “Whole Body Dentistry” with special interests in TMD, Cranial Facial Pain, Implant Dentistry, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, and Transformational Orthodontics. www.bronsonfamilydentistry.com

LifeSource Environmental Solutions: LifeSource Environmental Solutions provides on-site indoor testing and analysis for chemicals, biological concerns (mold/bacteria) and electromagnetic exposures (EMF). We are certified by the International Institute of Building Biology & Ecology® (IBE), a holistic international methodology that considers how indoor environments affect your health. This movement pre-dates the green movement and addresses many functional and modern aspects of indoor ecology. www.thelifesourcesolution.com

RESTORE is a new generation, soil-derived supplement that promotes an optimal gut environment. It is not a probiotic. It is not a prebiotic. Rather, it is a carbon-rich, alkaline liquid, comprised of Terrahydrite™, a proprietary formulation of Aqueous Humic Substances and trace mineral amino acid complexes. RESTORE has been shown in lab testing to increase and strengthen the tight junction proteins in the gut lining, our frontline of defense against environmental factors in our food, water, and even air, thereby impacting the immune system, as much of the body’s immune system is in the gut lining. www.restore4life.com

Take Back Your Health CBD Relief: A line of full spectrum CBD oil products, made from organically grown U.S. hemp and designed to provide relief from chronic symptoms of stress, pain and anxiety. www.TakeBackYourHealth.shop

The Frequency of Fragrance: Young Living essential oils with concierge service. Offering consultations and education for supporting emotional and physical health using Young Living essential oils, as well as in home education regarding toxin elimination and bioaccumulation reduction. www.myyl.com/thefrequencyoffragrance

tru PILATES: Build core strength, improve posture, and feel good with truPilates. Highly qualified instructors customize strength training and stretch therapy to effectively meet your needs in individual or small group sessions. 

Womenkind: It makes no sense to most healthy, holistic-minded people that achieving good health and keeping it is not a first priority to most physicians... We have created a center that allows you to get the tests you want- to ensure your healthy habits and lifestyle. Shouldn't YOU be the first to know your results ... THEN share with your Doctor?!? Game-changer! Ultrasound and Thermography, Pelvic and Breast exams, Saliva, Urine, Breath and Fecal testing, Live Blood Cell analysis, Naturopathic Services & Dietary Consulting. www.womenkindva.com

New exhibitors added daily, check back soon!

The Juice Laundry is Charlottesville's original cold-pressed juice company. Check us out on Preston Avenue, The Corner, or at The Yards in D.C. The supreme nutritional power of raw, organic fruits and vegetables - nature's greatest gift to our bodies - has never been more accessible!

Kardinal Hall Brewery is a modern take on an Alpine-inspired beer hall & garden. Located in the historic art-deco Coca-Cola building built in 1939, the repurposed warehouse & bottling plant is situated in the Midtown area of Charlottesville, Virginia. We create our seasonal menu using local farmers, cheese makers, fishermen. Made in-house & from scratch, the menu reflects the best of Charlottesville’s locally-sourced tastes & modern twists on Alpine-influenced plates & classic bar fare.

More coming soon!

food vendors

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Saturday June 8th Agenda

1 - Bio-Hack Your Way To Longevity

10:00 AM Neurofeedback: How to Get a Better Stress Response

11:00 AM Brain Gym: Intentional Movement for Optimal Brain Function

12:00 PM How to Make a Ketogenic Diet & Lifestyle Work for You

1:00 PM Sleep Hacks: Simple Tricks to Get Better Sleep

2:00 PM Everyday Magic: Moving with the Flow of Life

3:00 PM EMF Protection


3 - Let Us Mend What Ails You

10:00 AM Is Alzheimer's Preventable?

11:00 AM Reversing Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Disease with Robin Shirley

12:00 PM Cancer Remission x 3 with Susan Blasko

1:00 PM Hemp CBD for Relief: Applications & Case Studies with Ross Efaw and Robin Shirley

2:00 PM Wholistic Dentistry: Having Trouble Healing? Maybe The Answer is in Your Mouth!

3:00 PM Your Microbiome & Gut Health

4 - Making Healthy Babies!

10:00 AM Safe Exercise to Prepare or Recover from Labor, Birth and Mommy-hood

11:00 AM Better Birthing: Pre- and Postnatal Bodywork for Mommy and Baby

12:00 PM Essential Pre- and Postnatal Nutrition: The Foundation for Optimal Childhood Health.

1:00 PM Encouraging Empathy and Creativity in Your Children

2:00 PM Healthy Immune Systems, Healthy Kids

3:00 PM How to Manage ADD and ADHD Naturally

You Don't Have To Choose Just One Track  - Mix And Match Throughout The Day!

Main Event Schedule

10:00 AM Exhibitors and Food Vendors Open, Workshops Begin

4:00 PM Exhibitors and Food Vendors Close

Schedule Subject To Change As Planning Progresses

10:00 AM YOGA

11:00 AM Tai Chi

12:00 PM Stretching Class

1:00 PM Crossfit Training

2:00 PM Yoga Flow

3:00 PM TBA

"You are truly an inspiration to us all. Congratulations on carving out a mission of passion, truth, and sacredness.Thank you for having me and I hope my contribution was beneficial for the overall shindig."

Joel Salatin, Polyface Farm

"I had so much fun at the last TBYH - it was truly an outstanding event."

Vani Hari, The Food Babe

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meet the team

Robin Shirley

Founder, Take Back Your Health

Certified Holistic Health Coach, Expert in Chronic Lyme and Autoimmune Recovery, Reiki Master Practitioner, Founder of Take Back Your Health Int'l.

Martha Stockhausen

Wellness Educator

Martha Stockhausen, MEd., is the co-Director for Take Back Your Health Charlottesville, a Young Living Silver Leader, and Wellness Educator.